Lizzie's Incredible Journey Conquering Multiple Myeloma Profound Awesomeness

One night in San Francisco Lizzie Azzolino sat on a bench at a park nearby her home, looked up at the stars and felt herself completely surrender for the first time in her life.  After searching for answers to her mystery illness, she had just been diagnosed with early-stage multiple myeloma.  She told herself this was a time for trust.  She needed to trust that her body wanted to be healthy, and to get on board.  From this point on, Lizzie began to share with others – and to believe in herself – that she was healing.  What started as the most terrifying experience for Lizzie quickly became one of the best experiences of her life as she embarked on a new journey of self-discovery.  Lizzie has now never been healthier.  Hear what helped her overcome a traumatic life event as it happened and what she's learned about how you can change your reality anytime you're feeling stuck, scared or lost.  Moreover, learn about the power of the phrase, "I am…"  To get in touch with Lizzie, please visit her website or email her at  lizzie@workwithlizzie.com.
  1. Lizzie's Incredible Journey Conquering Multiple Myeloma
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