Surviving The Fall Profound Awesomeness

During a trip to a remote part of Africa, Melinda Walker fell from a rock band onto a boulder and survived and her journey to critical care was nearly as dangerous as the fall itself.  More than just surviving, Melinda is thriving finding meaning and purpose (and even a husband!) as a result of her near catastrophic accident. 
  1. Surviving The Fall
  2. Type A Crazy Jen, A Natural Giver
  3. Julie's Remarkable Reunion
  4. Mark's Fight Against Stage 5 Kidney Failure
  5. The Resilience of Tiffany Rowe
  6. Profound Awesomeness: Season 1 Trailer
  7. My Story of Profound Awesomeness
  8. Joselyn, two life threatening diseases and a "buttkick" list
  9. Amanda and BRCA2
  10. Beating Heart Failure